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Flat Springs

SPEC®SPEC® Flat Springs are typically stamped (but also machined & wound), and manufactured from flat stock. These springs are generally high force relative to the space occupied Flat parts like other catalog products & our engineered solutions are manufactured to the highest quality. Associated Spring RAYMOND surface & edge conditioning capabilities are among some of the best in the world.

Flat springs, in general, produce higher forces in shorter heights but have shorter deflections. SPEC® parts are designed & manufactured within proper stress levels, and are ready to ship.

Types of Flat Spring

DIN Disc (2093), Belleville, Clover® Dome, Curved, Finger, Wave, and Multi-Wave types are offered in a variety of materials and finishes. SPEC® offers flat springs not available elsewhere, and the largest catalog Stainless Steel selection. For an OEM application where fatigue life is or may be a concern our engineers regularly work to optimize or improve the longevity of designs.

Should you need a part or functional assembly with a different finish or specification see our Engineered Solution Services

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