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Gas Springs/Struts

ASSOCIATED SPRING RAYMOND / SPD is the source for struts, mechanical, gas, & dampers. Our struts are engineered to deliver optimal performance in applications. Stainless Steel constructions are available either as standard parts or through our custom engineered and manufactured services.

Traditional gas struts are sometimes referred to as “gas shocks” or “gas springs”, and offer compressed nitrogen gas (force) alongside a hydraulic circuit (dampening). Dampers do not provide any force, only the motion control, and can be thought of as a gas strut without the compressed nitrogen. Learn more about the differences between struts, dampers and springs. Mechanical struts or m-Struts® offer seal-less, gas-less, oil-less mechanical spring technology, all in a package comparable to a traditional gas strut. m-Struts® are well suited for harsh, extreme temperature, low-maintenance, and critical applications.

In addition to the struts themselves, ASSOCIATED SPRING RAYMONDoffers mounting hardware (ball studs, brackets, & end fittings), as well as Universal Stop Tubes, which can be mounted to a strut for positive locking in the extended position.

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